Final Push to the Election November 6th

Thank you for visiting my website. With only a few weeks remaining until the election on November 6th, I am working hard to get out there and meet the constituents of District 4 and answer any questions you have before the election. I have met many wonderful people so far, and I want to thank each of you who have given me some of your time to introduce myself, whether that time was given at your homes, at a gathering, or during the parades this summer.

As November 6th quickly approaches, I will continue to work to reach out to the constituents and introduce myself and what I stand for to help the citizens of District 4 decide who to elect as County Commissioner. If I have not had the opportunity to meet you yet and you have questions, please feel free to contact me through this website.I would be happy to respond. If you would like to have a sign for your yard, please send me an email through this website.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about me or what I stand for, please visit the other pages of this website.

I appreciate all the support you have given me to date and I look forward to giving that back to you come this election. I will work for you.

Mary Wetter Announces Her Candidacy for District 4 Wright County Commissioner

Mary Wetter announced her candidacy for the position of District 4 Wright County Commissioner.  Following the redistricting, District 4 now consists of the City of Rockford; Rockford Township; the City of Hanover, Precinct 2 and Precinct 3; Precinct 1A of the City of St. Michael; and the City of Albertville.